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October 26, 2017

Success Stories from X-Force Body Participants If you want proof that the X-Force Body program works, look no further. We’ve compiled success stories from our Palm Harbor location. These are real people who’ve done the X-Force Body workouts and followed the program guidelines. *Results may… Read more >

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Tricks to Treat Your Body

October 3, 2017

What do successful X-Force Body members know that other people don’t? It’s the fact that winning is about doing all the little things just a little bit better. They know simple ways to improve your calorie burn here, your water intake there, as well as other… Read more >

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Get Fall Fit

September 5, 2017

Results Before the Holidays Why wait until the new year to vow you’ll eat well and get in shape? We’re nearing autumn and the fall is the perfect time to get fit fast! Starting or increasing your exercise now will have you looking your best for… Read more >

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Eat the Carbs

August 8, 2017

Put the Right Carbs on Your Plate, and Eat Up! Eating carbs for losing weight goes against most programs in the weight-loss and muscle-gain industry, but it’s true! The X-Force Body program uses Ellington Darden, PhD’s lifestyle and dietary guidelines to get our participants the best body… Read more >

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Staying Committed: Summer Motivation

July 4, 2017

Staying Committed: Summer Month Motivation It’s happened to most of us at one point or another during the summer heat…you don’t want to work out and would rather spend time on sailing, traveling or soaking up the sun with a cold beverage in hand. Keeping up… Read more >

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Hit the Hay

June 6, 2017

During the Dog Days of Summer Rest is nature’s way of providing us with the ability to “turn off” for a while and re-charge. In fact, quality sleep is one of the foremost resources humans have for responding effectively to the mental and physical stresses… Read more >

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Reach for a Glass of Weight Loss

May 9, 2017

WATER: On the Rocks, Straight Up, or With a Straw. Make it a Double! Superhydration has worked safely and successfully for thousands of people looking to improve their overall well-being.  When done correctly, drinking a gallon of chilled water per day, or even up to… Read more >

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Harness Your Hormones

April 4, 2017

Negative Accentuated Training Harnesses Hormones to Burn Fat and Add Muscle Quicker  You don’t often think about them when you’re training.  And with acronyms for names such as MGF, IL-6, IL-15, IGF-1 and GH, why would you?  Well, we have learned activating a combination of these specific hormones in the… Read more >

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Negative Training

March 7, 2017

And, We’re Not Talking About A Shock Collar! You’ve found X-Force Body. Whether you’ve signed up for the program yet or not, you’ve been introduced to the last diet and exercise program you’ll ever need. Why do we claim this? The X-Force Body machines. Unique for a… Read more >

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Consistency is Key

February 5, 2017

Stay the Course and Keep the Weight Off It’s a phrase you’ll hear often at X-Force Body…consistency is the key! In order to stay on track to develop and keep your better body, you’ll need to stay consistent in all of your life changes. Here’s… Read more >

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