If you follow the program as designed, you’ll be amazed with your results—and your family and friends will too!

The basic tenets include:

  • Mandatory Discovery Session explaining details of the program
  • Highly advanced technology to capture measurements and weight during the first and last weeks of the program
  • Nutritional program that descends in calories over the six weeks consisting of 50% carbs, 25% fat, and 25% protein
  • Water consumption – one full gallon per day
  • Two 30-minute exercise sessions per week for six weeks
  • An instructor to inspire you to do your best
  • Strength training with an emphasis on the lowering portion of the exercise using X-Force negative training machines
  • Advancing from six to nine machines over the weeks
  • Weekly emails with motivational video tips from Dr. Darden

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X-Force Body and Negative Training

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More than just machines: Science-backed and proven lifestyle solution

This isn’t your typical high protein, low carb and low sugar nutritional or diet program. The suggested eating plan in the X-Force Body program is backed by science and delivers proven results in conjunction with the negative training machines for all body types. Exercise scientist Ellington Darden, PhD, calls the critical steps to X-Force Body success “Fat Bombs” because they are the leading edge techniques for targeting belly fat.

Super-Hydration and Cold Water Therapy
You will stifle hunger and burn more calories by drinking a gallon of ice water every day and keeping your body cool to activate the fat-burning power of your body’s brown fat stores.

Descending Calories
You will embark on a six-week eating plan that descends the calories by 100 with each two-week period. Men drop from 1,600 to 1,500 to 1,400 calories and women move from 1,400 to 1,300 to 1,200 calories.

Carbohydrate-Rich Meals
Consume small meals that are composed of approximately 50 percent of the calories from carbohydrates, 25 percent from fats, and 25 percent from proteins.


Powerful Body Image Technology: Fit3D Body Scanner

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Fitness boosted by technology

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, the revolutionary technology found in our FIT3D Proscanner will help track your progress during the X-Force Body program. The Proscanner captures a 3D, 360 degree image of each participant, using the most commonly used measurements to make a complete health assessment.


A breakthrough technology from Sweden results in rapid fat loss and muscle gain

The innovative technology used exclusively in the X-Force Body program is the most meaningful advance in strength training in the last 30 years. Each X-Force exercise machine houses a patented “tilting” weight stack which allows for a 40% heavier resistance on the “negative” or lowering part of the exercise. This heavier negative resistance greatly increases the intensity of muscle exertion during each repetition, which translates into significant strength gains and fat loss in less time! Results that previously required three, four or five hour-long workouts a week can now be stimulated with only two, 30-minute X-Force Body sessions weekly.

Accentuate the negative

Exercise scientists have found that negative (accentuated) resistance training can rapidly improve muscle size and strength. How does it work? There are two phases in every strength exercise: In the positive training phase, the muscle shortens as it contracts to raise the weight. In the negative phase, the opposite happens: the muscle lengthens as it resists the weight as it is lowered. When we lower a weight we are approximately 40% stronger than when we raise it. The idea behind the X-Force machine is simple: by tilting the weight stack 45 degrees on the positive motion, we’ve been able to supply a 40% heavier load to the negative phase, where we get the most “bang for the buck.” The result is a deeper “inroad “on each repetition and more efficient training. This also means time better spent at the gym!

Since negative training puts more load on the muscles, additional recovery time is needed between training sessions. This means you need to get extra sleep and rest while on the X-Force Body program and only work out on the machines twice per week.

The secret to X-Force Body success

Exercise scientist Ellington Darden, PhD, calls the critical steps to X-Force Body Success “Fat Bombs” because they are the leading edge techniques for targeting belly fat.

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To learn more about the X-Force Body program, attend a free exploration session.
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