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At one time or another, many people who have lost weight on a diet program have put the weight back on, and then some, after the initial tease of success.


It’s simple, really: During the first months of any diet, your body loses both fat and muscle. When you gain back the weight, which almost always occurs by going off the diet, you add back only fat. It’s much easier to put on fat weight than it is to gain muscle weight.

“That’s the dirty little secret of most popular diet plans that don’t combine muscle-maintaining exercises with the calorie reduction,” says exercise researcher Ellington Darden, PhD, and author of the Men’s Health and Women’s Health book, The Body Fat Breakthrough. “More muscle is your ticket to a better body.”

It’s no secret, however, that muscle is more metabolically active than fat. By having more lean muscle on your skeleton, you’ll burn more calories even at rest. But building muscle fast to maintain weight loss is a moreelusive goal. Darden discovered a super-efficient way to achieve this goal with a new Swedish exercise machine called X-Force. Tested on more than 100 women and men at Gainesville Health & Fitness in Gainesville, Florida since 2012, the X-Force machines utilize doing the “lowering part,” or the accentuated phase of resistance exercise, very slowly. Darden has always been a fan of negative training, but he found the X-Force machine’s unique tilting weight stack makes it easier to “accentuate the negative.” X-Force adds 40 percent more resistance to the lowering phase of the lift.

“The results on my test panel were amazing,” Dr. Darden says.

To get a taste of “negative-accentuated training” at home, grab two dumbbells, stand upright with arms straight, and rest weights against your thighs. Do a quick biceps curl: swing the weights to your shoulders; that’s the starting position. Now very slowly lower the dumbbells—that’s the negative phase–taking 10 to 20 seconds until they rest against your thighs, then immediately curl the weight very slowly (again, 10 to 20 seconds) to your shoulders—that’s the positive phase of the lift. Finally, without pausing do another negative, taking 10 to 20 seconds to lower the weights to your thighs. You’re done with that exercise and then you rest and move on to the next! The slow negative simulates how your muscle will feel during the “heavier” negative phase of a lift on X-Force equipment.

“X-Force makes a 40 to 50 percent greater ‘inroad,’ or stress on your muscles, compared with regular style of training,” says Darden. This deeper inroad stimulates key hormones that boost muscular growth and oxidizes fat-cell content at a faster-than-normal-rate. “It may be that the deeper inroad, combined with just the right amount of carbohydrates, decreases insulin responsiveness in fat cells and they shrink,” says Darden.



Stimulate Muscle + Increase Metabolism = Fat Loss

Most people, unknowingly, lose a large amount of muscle while dieting. The end result is a slower metabolism — and a greater amount of fat that comes back once the dieting stops. The effect of the X-Force Body program is to stimulate muscle while losing fat, increase metabolism and make it easier to keep lost fat off. The science behind our program is compelling. Negative training triggers the body’s natural hormones to engage in what is called “muscle-fat crosstalk,” which activates the body’s chemistry to speed-up the building of muscle and the shrinking of fat. An amazing body transformation is visible week by week in both male and female X-Force Body trainees. With continued attention and maintenance, the X-Force Body Program leads a person almost automatically to a lifetime of muscular strength, body leanness, and vibrant health.



"Now I have a curve...right above my jeans that makes me looks so much more shapely. Plus I have found my cheek and collarbones."
— Jennifer MacCallum, 34

*Results not typical. Individual results may vary.

More Sleep = More Muscle

What is the best thing you can do after an X-Force Body workout? Get a good night’s sleep.

“90 percent of the muscle you build after working out occurs while you’re sleeping,” says Darden. “So if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re literally throwing away all the effort you put into your workout.”

The muscle repair and building that occurs during sleep also burns a lot of calories. In fact, you burn most of your daily calories while your eyes are shut, so don’t shortchange your calorie burn. In a recent study, test subjects who slept an average of 8.5 hours each night burned 400 more calories a day than those who slept only 5.5 hours a night. On the X-Force Body program, you will learn how best to tap into the rejuvenating, calorie-burning power of rest and sleep.

X-Force Body is the beginning of a new era in strength-training equipment—and these amazing machines are only available in three fitness facilities throughout the entire United States. The Palm Harbor, Florida facility is the first of its kind to offer both the machines and the lifestyle program to deliver rapid results that you will keep. This is the last diet and exercise program you will ever need!

To learn more and to experience X-Force Body for yourself, attend a FREE, no-obligation information session at our personal training facility in Palm Harbor. Learn about dates and times on the Discovery Sessions page.


Ellington Darden, PhD

Exercise Scientist and Developer,
X-Force Body Program

Author of more than 50 books, Ellington Darden, PhD, has more than 40 years’ experience as a fitness expert and research scientist. Dr. Darden’s vast education includes bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physical education from Baylor University, a doctorate in exercise science from Florida State University, and post-doctoral study in food and nutrition.

Director of Research for Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries for 20 years, he collaborated with founder Arthur Jones to develop and to popularize the highly-acclaimed Nautilus exercise machines. Working with Nautilus led to many best-selling publications, including The Nautilus Book, The Nautilus Diet, A Flat Stomach ASAP, and The New High Intensity Training. His book, The Body Fat Breakthrough, resulted from research at Gainesville Health & Fitness and led to the development of the X-Force Body program.

In addition, Dr. Darden was honored by the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition as one of the top-10 health leaders in the country.