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How X-Force Changed My Life
  • "One of the problems I had was glucose control. I hadn't been able to keep it under control naturally very well. After only two weeks, I had some really positive changes in that. After three weeks, it was reading around normal range." *
    - Jeff Stern, Palm Harbor
  • "X-Force Body has been a life-changer. Where I used to work out, I used to have knee issues. Since I've started X-Force, that has gone away. The best part about coming in here is the energy, the positive energy. Everybody's just psyched, motivated, ready to go. It just pumps you up even more once you're here." *
    - Cheryl Albritton, Palm Harbor
  • "I feel stronger. I sleep better. My eating habits have completely changed. I have a lot of energy. I was also taking thyroid medications when I started. Since then, I'm down to half of the medications I was taking." *
    - Maria Torri, Palm Harbor
  • "
    I'm impressed by the science behind X-Force and the technology of the equipment that uses negative repetitions to speed up training...It's a complete body workout. The structure of the program forces you to be more conscious and focused about what you eat, how you exercise and the importance of proper sleep.
    " *
    - Mark Roman, Palm Harbor
  • "We had a goal of getting into a healthier lifestyle. Being professionals, time was important to us. The X-Force Body facility is very clean, and everyone is extremely friendly and positive-minded; it feels like family. It's been very important to have a personal coach. We completed the initial six-week program, and are now going in for a workout once a week. We look better, are eating healthier and are sleeping better. X-Force Body is a quality investment that brings results. - on wife Helen and his results" *
    - Robert van der Putten, Clearwater
  • "I was looking for a program that would provide a full workout in minimal time to facilitate my comeback as a two-time cancer survivor. I participated recently in the "Ride Across Iowa," a cycling event which includes a 19,000-foot climb. I credit my X-Force Body training, particularly that involving my legs, for allowing me to complete that. My personal X-Force Body coach makes sure I'm doing things right, and for maximum benefit, providing a balance of proper conditioning." *
    - Gene White, Palm Harbor
  • "I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds, but what I’m most proud of is that Illy has helped me change my habits and feel better overall. I enjoy going to our short workout sessions, and now think about what I eat and drink. It’s been habit and life changing and Illy motivates me to keep it up by showing that she cares." *
    - Gene Ramirez, Tampa
  • "Now I feel full of life, flexible and strong. I’m married 43 years and my husband likes my new look. I feel sexy again. I feel pretty." *
    - Katie Smith, age 60
  • "Dr. Darden’s program changed my life. I eat healthier, I drink more water, I exercise harder, and I sleep better. I’m a new person with a brand-new body." *
    - Erika Greene, age 33
*Results not typical. Individual results may vary.


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How X-Force Changed My Body
  • "I was extremely skeptical at first...but I felt for every ounce of effort I was putting in, I was seeing results. When I saw the transformation, it was amazing. Kudos to Dr. Ellington Darden and Joe Cirulli. They really packaged this program well. The main thing is that you must be committed." *
    - Brian Brenhoch, Palm Harbor
  • "When I discovered X-Force Body, it just really catapulted me to another level. It only takes two 30-minute workouts a week, so it was like perfect for my schedule, because I run my own business and I have two small children that require a lot of time. So, for me, it's just been ideal." *
    - Michael Lamando, Palm Harbor
  • "I'm stronger and feel more toned. I've lost 30 pounds within 7 weeks and have dropped 7% body fat. When I first started the program I was on the last notch of my I'm fastening it on one of the tightest notches." *
    - Doug Stovall, Palm Harbor
  • "Dr. Darden’s unique negative training accentuated all my curves." *
    - Ashley Meisner, age 22
  • "I lost 80 pounds in the first 80 days. It was unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable!" *
    - Bob Smith, age 51
  • "Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had these saddle bags on my upper thighs and hips. Nothing seemed to help. [Dr. Darden’s] program, for the first time in my life, has allowed me to wear a bikini." *
    - Julie Hill, age 62
  • "Those thick layers of fat on my waist just melted away." *
    - Melissa Norman, age 42
  • "I lost 50 pounds of fat in 50 days. Afterward, my mother didn’t recognize me." *
    - Angel Rodriguez, age 48
*Results not typical. Individual results may vary.