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10 Reasons Why Couples That Train Together, Stay Together

Posted on February 10, 2021 by Iliana Stoilova

Does teamwork make the dream work? Yes! Working out with your significant other can mean big benefits for both of you. Not only can the X-Force Body program make you feel stronger and healthier, it can help your relationship thrive too. Maybe it’s time to invite your life partner to be your workout partner. Here’s why:

  1. Couples who work out together are more likely to meet their fitness goals. People are more likely to stick with a program when they do it with someone. 
  2. Motivation! Even if you’re not at the same fitness level, just knowing that someone is watching and cheering you on can help you perform more efficiently. Everyone needs a little accountability.
  3. It means better health for both of you – and when you’re healthier, it means you can enjoy more things together. When both of you are active, there’s so much more you can do in terms of fun dates and trips you want to take. And the benefits of a healthy lifestyle last for years and years to come.
  4. Sharing experiences is good for your relationship. Working out together inspires camaraderie. It strengthens your connection, as well as your muscles. Plus, it’s a fun way to bond!
  5. You’ll both be happier. Psychology Today noted that after jointly participating in an exciting physical activity, couples say they felt more satisfied with their relationship and even more in love with their partner. It could also mean less fighting. You know that exercise is a mood booster with all those endorphins being released and the better sleep that follows. You’ll both feel a greater sense of wellbeing and that can lead to more positivity all the way around. 
  6. You can push each other through fitness plateaus. Everyone hits them. Having a workout partner can make it easier to not get stuck. Just an encouraging smile, a suggestion for how to switch things up, or a look that lets you know, “I’ve been there,” can help. You can even create a reward system for each other.
  7. You’ll feel less jealous. Let’s face it. Everyone at X-Force Body looks good! Would you rather sit at home and conjure up stories in your head thinking about when a hot young thing walks by your mate at the gym? Or would you rather feel more confident, stop comparing, and stand side by side?
  8. A bit of healthy competition is good. It’s inspiring. You can challenge one another to be the best you can be.
  9. Working out together is sexy and that’s definitely a relationship booster. 
  10. You get to spend some quality time together. Everyone is busy and there’s so much to do between work and life commitments. When scheduling time with each other gets tight, working out guarantees at least some time together besides the occasional ‘date night’. And you won’t argue about one of you being away at the gym.

Hey, it’s not just our romantic relationships that could be healthier. All relationships can grow stronger when you share this aspect of your life. Think about asking a friend, coworker, sibling or parent to join you at X-Force Body too. 

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