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Harness Your Hormones

Posted on April 4, 2017 by Iliana Stoilova

Negative Accentuated Training Harnesses Hormones to Burn Fat and Add Muscle Quicker 

You don’t often think about them when you’re training.  And with acronyms for names such as MGF, IL-6, IL-15, IGF-1 and GH, why would you?  Well, we have learned activating a combination of these specific hormones in the bloodstream is essential to accelerating fat loss and creating long-lasting muscle gain.

To accomplish this, you must train to promote the highest level of stress per motor count or the ‘’greatest inroads” in the shortest amount of time.  Once successfully triggered, the hormones you need will immediately start racing through your blood stream!

In our many years of scientific research, X-Force Body has proven to build muscle and shed fat more quickly than any other program.  Negative Accentuated Training positively stimulates and directs the body’s natural hormones.

This is illustrated by our clients who are achieving phenomenal gains after following our hormone-stimulating workouts.  By combining the exclusive Swedish X-Force Body machines with our program of proper nutrition, rest, and super-hydration, participants attain superior results in the shortest time possible. 

That’s why X-Force Body is the only get fit and stay fit solution.

Trust your body to the one program scientifically designed to harness the power of hormones to build muscle and target fat burning.

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"I feel stronger. I sleep better. My eating habits have completely changed. I have a lot of energy. I was also taking thyroid medications when I started. Since then, I'm down to half of the medications I was taking." *

Maria Torri, Palm Harbor

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