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The Difference Between X-Force Body™ and Personal Trainers

Posted on April 11, 2019 by Iliana Stoilova

How does the X-Force Body program compare to working out with a personal trainer at a big gym? It doesn’t. It’s not even close.

How many trainers have you seen that were actually training with another trainer? They usually say, “I know what I’m doing” and you take them at their word because they look like they work out a lot. But would you ever hear a surgeon say that she was going to perform surgery on herself because she knows what she’s doing? No, she’d (very wisely) rely on another surgeon to help. At X-Force Body, we believe in the power of teamwork, in educating ourselves, and in supervision to make us even stronger. The coaches here don’t even train on their own; coaches train with other coaches. We value each other and still learn from each other. We feed off that extra inspiration and motivation. The passion is contagious.

We Prevent Injuries

In addition to being passionate about what we do, all of our coaches are very knowledgeable. It’s been said that a good trainer can improve your health and a bad trainer can ruin it. That’s the problem with most personal trainers: The risk factor. There’s a big chance that you’re going to get hurt. And here’s another way that the X-Force Body team stands out: Our coaches know how to prevent injuries. You see, coaching is not about pushing you to do one more rep; it’s about knowing that not every body is the same. We’ve helped people get back in shape after surgery. We can tailor a workout around an injury, strengthen your muscles for support and condition your body so you get better. At X-Force Body, you’re going to keep getting stronger.

It’s Personal

How do we know how to help you? We actually talk to you. We don’t just train you and say, “See you next time.” We ask how much sleep you’re getting, how you’re doing with the meal plan, if you’re getting enough hydration, what your stress level is.  We coach you on all of these things as well. We want to know your challenges and offer you solutions. Not everybody can get eight hours of sleep a night or drink a gallon of water a day. We want to encourage you. Yes, we also use a bit of tough love to keep you accountable when you need it. As one client said so well, “The machine breaks us down and the coach builds us back up.”

Our coaches get to know you on a personal level – where you come from, your families, what motivates you. It starts when you walk in to X-Force Body. You’ll notice that we greet everyone by name. Building a relationship with you is important to us. Getting to know you better means we can help you with your unique challenges. Even the smallest details can make a difference. For instance, if we know you pass by a certain coffee shop every day on your morning commute and it tempts you, we can tell you what to choose for a great start to your day and what to avoid.

We Help You Let Loose and Have Fun

The other thing about getting to know someone well is that you feel like you can let your hair down and be real. That’s when results start to happen. I don’t know about you but my stress is significantly lower after a workout. And it’s not just because I put in a good session but because my coach listened to me while I was there. Sometimes, talking really helps. A good coach knows this: Your physical health and mental health go together. So go ahead and vent to your coach at X-Force Body if you need to. I haven’t found an atmosphere like this at a big box gym.

Funny that word “personal” is in front of “trainer.” You usually only get personal someplace where you feel comfortable enough to tell someone how you really feel, and where you think someone can help. At X-Force Body, you feel like you have a whole team behind you, supporting you and rooting for you. Our coaches don’t work for themselves. The coaches work as part of a team and they’re all there to help you. It’s a great feeling when you walk in and can feel that energy. It’s powerful!

We Never Stop Learning

One last thing that I’ll add: The coaches are perpetual students at X-Force Body, constantly reading and devouring health science research. Not just what is the latest, trendy, quick fix but is it sustainable and does it apply to real life? Does it make logical sense, and will it help you be better long term? Because if you can make overall good health a part of your lifestyle, you never have to worry about falling back on bad habits. It becomes something that makes you wonder why you’d ever be without it.

At X-Force Body, we coach you towards a better lifestyle. It goes beyond one workout or so-called personal training session. What we’ve noticed is that if you’re not eating right, chances are you’re probably not thinking right either. Your diet plan and workouts impact the rest of your life too – your confidence, your productivity, your family, your friends. At X-Force Body, we want you to be better overall. And, as your coach, that’s our ultimate goal. Click here to meet our coaching staff.

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