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Lose Weight and Gain Muscle with: Four Tips to Sustainable Success!

Posted on March 30, 2018 by Iliana Stoilova

Say it ain’t so!

Diet and exercise programs are designed to make you fail! But X-Force Body Director Illy Stoilova has four tips to make losing weight and gaining muscle a success you can actually sustain for life.

First, focus on strength training.

Second, drink tons of water! We like to call it “super-hydration” on our system.

Third, take an easy walk after dinner for just 30 minutes. And lastly, sleep. Sleep a lot! Make sure you’re getting at least eight hours and we encourage a 30 minute daily nap as well.

Sounds simple, right?

These are only four of 10 “fat bombs” we base our successful system off of, so that you can keep losing weight and building muscle. You can read all of them in The Bodyfat Breakthough by Ellington Darden, PhD. Or, stay tuned for future vlogs for the rest of our tips and tricks to get you the best body of your life, for life.

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