Burn Belly Fat with X-Force Body™

Losing weight and belly fat is hard. But every program out there makes it sound easy to get a rock-hard, flat stomach.

To really burn fat, you need to have a plan that is sustainable, fun, and shows fast results. The X-Force Body program does all three!

Our program is based on 10 basic concepts we call “Fat Bombs”.

Burn Fat with Strength Training, NOT Endless Cardio

Notice we didn’t say “bodybuilding.” Converting yourself into the mirror image of a professional wrestler isn’t necessary.

However, by working your muscles on a regular basis and building and toning muscle, you will create the very belly fat burning system you are looking for. Muscle burns fat 24/7/365, not just while you are stuck on the exercise machines at your local gym.

You see, many fat-loss programs are built around cardio and diets. Both are important, but neither will get you where you want to be – trim and healthy. You must build muscle to achieve long-term, sustainable fat loss.

Our patented negative strength training machines cause you to work twice as hard leading to strengthened muscle tone in just two, 30-minute workouts each week. You read that right, you don’t have to become a “gym rat” to find the best version of you.

Easy Walking

Take an easy walk sometime during the day for just 30 minutes.

Talking a walk during the day just wakes your body up and gets the blood pumping. Increasing your heart rate just a little is enough to excite your muscles and getting them working even more.

Nobody wants to spend hours in a gym chained to a cardio machine.

X-Force Body is different.

Drink Water

Second, drink tons of cold, refreshing water! We call it “super-hydration.”

When you drink a lot of cold water, your body works to warm the water when it hits your stomach. This warming effect raises your body temperature and burns calories (belly fat).


Sleep a lot! Make sure you’re getting at least eight hours and we encourage a 30 minute daily nap as well.

Your body builds and repairs muscle while you are sleeping. The more you sleep, the more opportunity your muscles have to repair themselves and in turn, burn more fat.

Sounds simple, right?

These are only four of 10 “fat bombs” that our successful system is based on. Want to learn more and try the program for yourself?

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“I feel stronger. I sleep better. My eating habits have completely changed. I have a lot of energy. I was also taking thyroid medications when I started. Since then, I’m down to half of the medications I was taking.” *

Maria Torri, Palm Harbor

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