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Three Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders Share Their Experience with X-Force Body

Posted on August 1, 2019 by Iliana Stoilova

Three former Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders participated in the X-Force Body program this spring. With an understanding of health and fitness from their previous career, they admitted that they all were skeptical at first that two workouts a week could produce results. However, after just six weeks, all three found both fat loss and weight loss results. Below they share more about their experiences with the program and how it differed from any other type of workout they had done before. 

Dina Sheraton

Attorney and mother of two, Dina Sheraton, was looking for a fitness program that brought on actual results. After trying everything from hours in the gym to ballet, she found what she was looking for in X-Force. With only two-twenty minute workouts a week, Dina began to achieve the results she had been looking for. Though she admits she was extremely skeptical in the beginning, she is now an avid believer in the program.


Debbie claims she has never been much of a “gym girl,” and had an exercise routine that was always changing. When she began training with X-Force, however, she found herself with increased energy and an incredible difference in her body.


Denise found that at forty-eight, and a full-time working mom, her biggest hurdle in fitness was time. The two-twenty minute workouts a week provided her with the perfect option. After six weeks of being part of the X-Force program, she found that she had lost 2.5 inches off of her waist, had an increased level of energy, and was sleeping through the night!

In partnership with the two-twenty minute workouts a week, nutrition, sleep, and water consumption are all key factors in your success with X-Force body. Below, the three women share their thoughts on these three facets of the program, as well as how they found it effective for all ages. 

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Maria Torri, Palm Harbor

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