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That Moment When Your Mother Almost Calls the Cops On You . . .

Posted on January 4, 2019 by Iliana Stoilova

In his book, The Body Fat Breakthrough, exercise researcher Ellington Darden, Ph.D., tells a fascinating story about Angel Rodriguez.

Angel’s mother almost had him arrested.

His mom was living in Miami, and he hadn’t seen her in seven months. When he made the trip to visit her, she didn’t recognize him as he entered her home. Angel had lost 121 pounds of fat, melted 20 inches off his waist, and built nearly 21 pounds of muscle. This man didn’t look like her 48-year-old big-bellied son.

“Mom, it’s me!” he said, as she considered calling 9-1-1.

When she finally realized the truth, she exclaimed, “Angel, what have you done to yourself?”

As Dr. Darden explains, what Angel had done to himself probably saved his life. “He had lowered his body fat percentage from nearly 50 percent to just 11 percent in 30 weeks,” writes Darden. “He [looked] like an entirely different man – a younger man, a healthier man.”

Angel achieved these remarkable results using Dr. Darden’s techniques – the same techniques Darden has authorized us to teach here at X-Force Body. You, too, can achieve body-transforming, life-altering results like Angel Rodriquez experienced.

While all your friends and family are abandoning their New Year’s resolutions, you can lose fat, build muscle, and reshape your body quickly. You’ll start seeing results within your first week at X-Force Body. By February, you’ll be amazed at the progress you’ve made. And in March, you will have achieved most of your goals.

Now, if you happen to be someone like Angel, who needed to lose more than 100 pounds, you might need six or seven months to do it at X-Force Body. But, when you do, watch out . . . your mother might call the cops on you.

I’m not saying any of this will be easy. Our personal coaches will work with you, one-on-one, twice a week for 30 minutes each session at X-Force Body. And it will be hard.

They’ll bring you to “muscle failure.” They’ll teach you what to eat and what not to eat. They’ll also teach you tricks like how to almost immediately burn off 30 percent of what you eat for dinner . . . how to burn fat in the shower . . . and how to lose weight in your sleep.

These are all proven, scientifically researched methods that will guide you on a short journey to a leaner, stronger, healthier new body . . . and new you.

If you are willing.

It took Angel Rodriguez 30 weeks to lose more than 100 pounds. And, the truth is, there is nothing special about his story. He simply followed the program and let it work for him.

It can work for you, too.

Take the first step.

Complete the form and one of our coaches will contact you to talk about your fat-loss goals and schedule your FREE workout!

No obligations, No pressure. Ever.

Try X-Force Body one time and you'll see why we're the ONLY choice for rapid, sustainable (and FUN) fat loss.

"I feel stronger. I sleep better. My eating habits have completely changed. I have a lot of energy. I was also taking thyroid medications when I started. Since then, I'm down to half of the medications I was taking." *

Maria Torri, Palm Harbor

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