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After 55 Years, Weight Watchers Finally Admits Diets Don’t Work.

Posted on November 12, 2018 by Iliana Stoilova

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of Weight Watchers. They’re everywhere – in 30 countries around the world – offering their point-counting weight loss system. There’s only one problem: diets don’t work. And when they do, results are only temporary. Just look at all the paid celebrity endorsers industry-wide who have struggled with yo-yo diets. No one likes to talk about it, but we all see it with our own eyes. Weight Watchers has now changed its mindset about placing dieting over wellness and has rebranded itself as WW.

Here’s what WW said about it in a press release:

“To reflect the next stage of the company’s evolution to focus on overall health and wellness, Weight Watchers International, Inc. today announced that the company will become WW, honoring its legacy while broadening the role it plays in helping everyone live healthier lives. A new tagline, “Wellness that Works” will be used globally to reflect the company’s heritage and overall approach to health and wellbeing of inspiring powerful habits rooted in science.”

Oprah Winfrey is on the board of WW and is quoted in the release saying, “From the moment I chose to invest in the company and join the Board, I have believed that the role WW can play in people’s lives goes far beyond a number on the scale. As Weight Watchers becomes WW, I believe we will continue to inspire people not only to eat well, but to move more, connect with others and continue to experience the joys of a healthy life.” We’re glad Oprah finally agrees with tenets we here at X-Force Body have always believed.

The Truth About Diets:

  • Your weight loss will be mostly water, not fat.
  • The lost water weight is quickly regained once your eating returns to normal.
  • Dietary fat and protein will cause the body to accumulate more stored fat.
  • Lack of carbs combined with an emphasis on fat and protein causes your body to pull nutrients from your muscles, heart, and other internal organs.
  • Most low-carb diets can be harmful to your cardiovascular system.
  • And you deprive your brain of its primary source of fuel.

At X-Force Body, we have always taken a holistic approach to good health. We believe in building strength to increase your metabolism, burn more calories, and kill fat. We teach muscle training, hydration, after-dinner walking, proper sleep, carbohydrate-rich meals, descending calories, realistic evaluations, wellness education, and support from people who care about your success.

WW now says they want to inspire healthy habits. I wonder what took them so long, but I welcome their new attitude.

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