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Why You Should Muscle Up Your Golf Game

Posted on September 27, 2020 by Iliana Stoilova

Back in 1974, Arthur Jones invented the Nautilus exercise machines. He proved that you could achieve maximum increase in muscle size and strength in less time, with fewer workouts, using full-range resistance exercise.

Dr. Ellington Darden PhD, author of The Body Fat Breakthrough, worked with Jones and Nautilus for 20 years and personally trained thousands of athletes. However, he noticed that hardly any golfers took advantage of this knowledge.

The mentality in the golf community was that big muscles were not as important as control, grip and the type of clubs you used.

Unfortunately, that kind of thinking caused a lot of players not to reach their full potential. It’s probably causing you not to reach yours, too.

Your golf performance is governed by six factors:

  • Body proportions – provide the working muscles with an advantage in leverage.
  • Neurological efficiency – permits the muscles to contract with a higher degree of efficiency.
  • Cardiovascular endurance – an absolute requirement for life itself.
  • Flexibility – helps you generate more force by using a greater range of movement of the shoulders and hips.
  • Skill – channels the force produced by muscles into proper direction and performance.
  • Muscular strength – gets the most out of your big muscles to launch your drives.

“Getting your body in shape, specifically to swing the golf club, is an edge that takes your game to the next level.”

Allen Crawford, Golf Coach and Scratch Golfer

Nothing can be done to improve body proportions or neurological efficiency. But we can do something about the other four factors.

Golfers already know to train to improve skill. Cardiovascular endurance is closely related since it increases stamina over hours of basic golf practice. The same can be said about flexibility, as golfers perform stretching exercises to keep their joints mobile.

Only one factor remains largely neglected. And, sadly, that just happens to be the only factor capable of supplying movement.

Muscle Up for Golfing

“Greater muscle strength will go a long way to help you prevent injuries.”

A lot of golfers do what I call “exercise light,” such as push-ups, sit-ups and knee bends. But what I’m advocating here is “exercise heavy.” Lift some barbells and dumbbells, and use weight-resistance machines. Ten pounds of muscle, spread throughout your lower and upper body, is going to make the difference between the golfer you are and the golfer you can be.

Look at the key muscles involved in your golf swing: Your glutes power your hip rotation on your backswing and downswing. This creates that all-important wide arc. It also helps with hip extension, which is what gives you a balanced posture and center of gravity during your follow-through.

Your pecs and lats create strong shoulder adductors, which allow you to bring your arms across your body and raise them up in the air. Your core muscles hold your swing together, transmitting force from the lower body into the upper body. Then your forearms transmit all of the force created by your body into the club.

The truth is that larger, stronger muscles will make you faster, not slower, in golf or in any sport. Proper strength training will actually increase your flexibility. And – most importantly: Greater muscle strength will go a long way to help you prevent injuries.

X-Force Body coach with a participant

One hour of total training time per week, divided into two 30-minute workouts, will produce 100% of the strength training benefits you want. Longer or more frequent workouts are not necessary; so don’t buy into the belief that “more is better.”

In about six months, you can expect to double your strength as you add 6, 8, or even 10 pounds of solid muscle onto your body. As you challenge your muscles, you’ll increase the strength of your shoulders, chest, back, hips, glutes, thighs and calves.

It will most definitely improve the distance and consistency of your game – and protect you from injury. Learn more about the science behind X-Force Body and muscle up!

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Rob Simpson, PGA Golf Professional


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