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X-Force Gives Back: Tampa Bay’s Dancing with the Stars for Charity

Posted on September 14, 2018 by Iliana Stoilova

It’s official! X-Force Body Program Director Iliana (Illy) Stoilova is joining Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay for Tampa Bay’s Dancing with the Stars 2018! The X-Force Body program is all about getting the best body and being the best person possible, so we’re excited to be apart of this charity dance competition that gives back to so many in need in the Tampa area. Click to watch the full vlog for all the details… and a rather uncomfortable “fan” phone call.

Hi, it’s me again, Illy from X-Force Body, and today I want to tell you some exciting news. Julie Weintraub and the team at Hands Across the Bay have informed me that I’ve been selected as one of Tampa Bay’s Dancing with the Stars 2018 Celebrity Dancers. This event raises money for a great cause, and —

Oh, sorry, let’s start again . . . I should see who this is . . . Unknown caller? Hmmm, let me take this . . . Hello? Oh, hello, Roger –

It’s Roger from Tampa. He’s the one from an earlier video of mine who kept asking me out to dinner. Just a second.

Yes, Roger, how can I help you? Yes, our new X-Force Body location is opening soon in Tampa. We’re excited about it . . . Uh, no, Roger, I haven’t reconsidered having dinner with you . . . No, it’s not because I’ve been selected to be a celebrity dancer on Tampa Bay’s Dancing with the Stars . . . No, I’m not getting too big for my britches . . .

Yes, I know you bought a new home in Tampa just to be near our new location . . . Yes, I got the chocolates you sent to me, thank you, but I avoid eating unhealthy food . . . Yes, I very much appreciate you voting for me on Dancing with the Stars . . . Okay . . . Okay . . . Roger . . . Listen to me, Roger . . . Listen . . . I need to go . . . Roger – Okay.

Sorry about that. Anyway, Tampa Bay’s Dancing with the Stars will be held at TPepin Hospitality Centre, 4121 N 50th Street in Tampa, Florida starting at 6pm on October 6th. Five local charities will benefit from competition donations – get all the details on the beneficiaries here.

So, let’s all help raise money for this important cause. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, you can email me at Illy@XForceBody.com.  See you next time!

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