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If You Want to Solve the Problem, You Must First Recognize the Problem.

Posted on September 11, 2018 by Iliana Stoilova

The problem is fat.

Regardless of what your health and fitness goals are, the problem is fat, the problem is fat, the problem is fat.

I’m not using the word “fat” the way most people use it to refer to the body’s aesthetics. I’m talking about the stuff that has deposited itself under your skin and around your organs.

Yes, that fat.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: our bodies store fat because we tell it to, whether we realize it or not. Our bodies listen to our actions and obey our commands. Check out my previous article here about common causes for this, including too little exercise or too much exercise.

You can’t do anything about what you’ve told your body to do in the past. Don’t let this define you. It doesn’t matter what you may have done (or not done) for those layers to build up.

Today is a new day. Today, you start getting rid of your fat.

But you’re not going to do it the way the “commercial” diet and weight loss industry wants you to do it.

You’re going to do it the way your body wants.

Scientific exercise research shows the body will agree to loosen its grip on fat if you give it “negative-accentuated training.” This is the unconventional aspect of a resistance exercise.

In other words, it is not the lifting of the weight, but the lowering of the weight. Think of it as fighting against gravity. The weight wants to come down, and without any resistance, it will crash to the ground—like lightning.

Your task is to slowly, and I mean slooooowly, lower the weight.

When you do, you’ll make deeper inroads into your muscles that trigger hormonal changes in your body. Your body will “wake up,” elevate muscle generation, and activate its fat-burning process.

Your body will listen to you telling it what to do. “Activate the fat-burning process,” your actions will tell it. “Roger, that,” your body will say.

What’s more, this requires only one or two 20-minute sessions a week. Don’t make the mistake of thinking more is better. Don’t think you’re being “dedicated” by increasing your workouts to three or four days (or, worse, every day.)

That will defeat your purpose. You’ll be telling your body to hold on to the fat.

Let your body recover. Two days a week, 20-minutes each, and you can double your fat-burning results.

At X-Force Body, we’ll teach you how to do this. And, we’ll help you understand how to talk to your body and command it to follow your orders…with carbohydrate-rich meals to fuel fat burn, daily after-dinner walking to boost your metabolic rate, superhydration, and more sleep.

That’s how you solve the problem—the problem of fat.

It will change your life.

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