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The Resolution You Don’t Want to Make

Posted on January 2, 2018 by Iliana Stoilova

The question is already hackneyed: “What’s your resolution this year?” Sometimes the answer is a healthy one – “Stop smoking” – and sometimes it’s an unhealthy one: “Lose weight.”

You’d be better off making your New Year’s resolution to gain weight this year. Here’s why:

1) No matter how successful you’ve been in your career or in your private life, you can’t fully enjoy it if you don’t have your health. As you get older, there comes a point when you would trade almost anything you have to get it back. If you could go back in time, you’d stop trying to lose weight, and do everything you can to gain muscle. Forget what the scale reads. More muscle means you’ll look better, feel better, and your body will work better than it ever has before.

2) Losing weight means losing muscle and fat. And the more muscle you lose the slower your metabolism becomes — making it easier to get even fatter. This often leads to low self-esteem. And it can happen to the most confident, successful people. We can have high confidence in our talents and be the extreme opposite when it comes to our physical appearance and health. 

3) Weight loss for the sake of weight loss never lasts. And you end up gaining it all back – and more – before you know it. But when you get stronger, leaner, healthier, it’s a lifestyle change that is sustainable. You don’t have to worry about having an extra pair of “fat jeans” in your closet. You won’t need them. You’ll get the body you want, and you’ll keep the body you want. And with X-Force Body, it will happen for you faster than you ever thought possible. 

Happy New Year from all of us at X-Force Body!
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