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The Most Common Workout Myths – Debunked

Posted on August 27, 2019 by Iliana Stoilova

It’s the comment I hear from women all the time: “I’m afraid lifting weights will make me big and bulky. I just want to be lean, sexy and curvy.” Speaking from my personal experience, and as a conditioning coach, I really want to kill this myth about strength training. Lifting weights is exactly what will give you the body you crave – not the treadmill, not the bicycle, not all those hours of sweaty cardio.

I used to be a runner and a dancer. I also did yoga. I thought I didn’t need anything else. However, I was always trying to get rid of a half-inch around my waist and get a better-looking butt and thighs. I thought all of the running would give it to me. I ran five mornings a week. I didn’t love it but I thought this was what I had to do to get the look I wanted: a lean and sexy body.

When I started doing rehabilitation work at a hospital, it all started to click for me. I discovered just how vital our muscle strength really is. It’s the key to supporting our overall health and wellness. That experience really formed the exercise science behind X-Force Body.

Myth #1 Running Burns More Calories Than Lifting Weight

Lifting weights helps to increase your basal metabolic rate so you’ll be burning calories throughout the day – even when you’re not working out. As you’re getting stronger, you’re speeding up your metabolism. You’ll be developing muscle and burning fat. That’s something cardio just can’t do.

Cardio does not build muscle. If you want a firm yet curvy body, it’s done with weights.  You can actually do it in less time too. (No more hours of running and cardio!)

Let’s be honest. At the end of the day, it’s not about lean body mass percentages and pounds, it’s about being able to take your clothes off in front of a mirror and love what you see. That’s what we’re all trying to achieve, right?

Illy with X-Force Participant Chris Clark

Myth #2: You Should NOT eat Carbs

The other myth I hear is that people think they shouldn’t eat carbs because carbs make you fat. No, carbs don’t make you fat. You actually can’t build muscle without the help of carbohydrates. Eating too much of everything (total calories in) is what makes you fat. The X-Force Body plan trains you in portion control so you eat right. Just follow the easy meal plan.

So why do some people get more muscular than others? It all comes down to genetics. Men build muscle faster than women. The female body is not genetically designed to get big and bulky like guys do. Those female bodybuilders that you see in magazines or on TV with their veins popping out? They’re taking a variety of supplements (some they probably shouldn’t be taking) and eating a special diet where they’re basically dehydrating their bodies, all while on an intense training program where they lift very heavy weights for hours. It’s not a regular program that can be sustained.

I know a lot of couples that work out together. Ladies, don’t get discouraged. Men gain muscle more easily and show progress faster. Even if you don’t have sophisticated scanners to record your workouts and progression, muscle growth is happening. Every time you add one extra rep, you get stronger. Women can build muscle if they train consistently. If you enjoy running, do it. But incorporate weight training, too. It will protect your bones and joints, and make you a better runner.

Other great benefits of lifting weights:

  • Increased bone density
  • Better coordination and power
  • The ability to do everyday activities without getting hurt

The bottom line: Stronger muscles will give you a better-looking body – that sexy body that you want. Especially when you follow the X-Force Body plan. It works.

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