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12 Ways to Stay X-Force Healthy Through the Holidays

Posted on November 23, 2020 by Iliana Stoilova

This will be a holiday season like no other. To top off a year like no other. Weight gain inevitably comes with stress. Now, add holidays with lots of indulgent eating opportunities and – pow! You need a plan to power your way out of this year and into a better 2021! Here’s how to hold the line and still have some fun without losing all the great progress you’ve made with X-Force Body. Like the 12 days of Christmas, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips for getting through the holiday season.

  1. Make a promise to yourself to stay active. Working out will help you manage all the stress you’re feeling.
  2. Find an exercise buddy (even a virtual one in an online group) to hold you accountable.
  3. Start taking short walks during lunch. In winter, there are less daylight hours so you may need to shift your routine earlier in the day. Break it up if you want and squeeze in an activity break at lunch. It will make your workday fly by!
  4. Water is your friend. Make it a goal to drink 32 oz. of water by lunch. You know what we say at X-Force Body about drinking a gallon of ice water every day. It will keep your body cool and activate the fat-burning power of your body’s brown fat stores. During the holidays, water is even more important because it’s easy to confuse hunger with thirst. Try a large glass of water before a meal. It can help you feel fuller so you don’t pig out as much!
  5. Are you fighting a craving to snack? Here’s a pro tip: try eating 15 grams of protein and drinking 15 ounces of water. Then wait 15 minutes. If you still want a snack, go for it. Odds are you’re likely to eat much less.
  6. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Regular sleep improves your concentration and mental clarity, regulates your mood, relieves stress and restores your body. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. As Ellington Darden says, “90 percent of the muscle you build
    during working out occurs while you’re sleeping.”
  7. Enjoy eating. Seriously, guilt is no fun. Really savor these special holiday dishes that you only have once or twice a year. Skip appetizers to save your calories for what you really want. Eat slowly but remember to stop when you no longer feel hungry. It’s OK to portion yourself. After
    all, leftovers mean you get to enjoy again tomorrow.
  8. Sip smarter. You’d be surprised how many calories you’re drinking. Ween yourself off sugary drinks, including energy drinks and those barista creations. Treat alcohol and holiday favorites such as egg nog and hot chocolate like they’re desserts. Or, use seltzer, club soda and sparkling water to lighten up your adult beverages or make juices extra fancy.
  9. Limit your desserts. Commit to a snack limit that lets you indulge without overdoing it.
  10. Stress less! Give yourself the gift of peace this season. Enjoy a nice, relaxing bath, take time to read, try yoga or spend some time in nature -whatever helps you recharge.
  11. Don’t skip breakfast. That’s not being kind to your body. You’ll need the energy and missing that morning meal could potentially raise your blood sugar levels for the rest of the day.
  12. Feast on good company – even if you aren’t visiting relatives this season, you can still make people the focus. Make regular phone calls or video calls to friends and family. Laugh a little! Maybe even schedule a virtual lunch date. A big part of holiday meals is the conversation that happens between bites. It will help them as much as it will help you.

Let’s make everyday count. Don’t throw the towel in on your routine. If you need more ideas, call us! From all of us at X-Force Body, we wish you happy, healthy holidays!

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